FAQs: Process

  • How long does it take for my company to receive payment?

    The payments processed through ItsPayd are done instantly and directly deposited into your account, however, depending on which financial institution your company utilizes it can take up to 48-96 hours for a payment to fully process.

    Your payments are processed at Braintree and/or Dwolla and automatically deposited into the bank account set up in your merchant profile. ItsPayd does not keep credit cards on file. Visit Braintree and/or Dwolla for more information on how each provider secures your customers information.

  • Can ItsPayd work with Quickbooks or other similar processors?

    Our program is now fully integratable with Quickbooks.

    If you seek further information on how ItsPayd can perform with your current systems, please contact us at (855) 999-PAYD (7293).

    Our current API is located here: https://www.itspayd.com/api/docs.

  • I have chosen a payment option, but it will not process?

    Check that the method of payment you are choosing is the method of payment you are using. Do not use an overdrawn, or non-working card. This will lead to decline of payment.

    If any technical errors occur beside card malfunction, please contact us at for immediate assistance during our hours of operation at (855) 999-PAYD (7293).

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