FAQs: Text Message

  • Why can't I click on the link that was sent via sms?

    If you have a newer IOS (iPhone) and have not received message previously:

    * Settings App

    * Safari

    * Block Cookies


    Do you have this setting set to the default of “Allow from Websites I Visit”?   If not, and it is set to “Always Block” then the login will not work for ItsPayd or any other website.  Basically a cookie is required to keep track of whether the user has successfully entered their access code (which we automatically pre-fill for them).

    Please configure cookie settings to the default of “Allow from Websites I Visit” and see if that works. If already set there and still having same problems, then most likely it’s an iOS problem.

  • What are the laws regarding text messages to mobile phones?

    The FCC recently provided a declaratory ruling regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We recommend you visit The FCC and seek legal advice if unsure.

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