• Why can't I click on the link that was sent via sms?

    If you have a newer IOS (iPhone) and have not received message previously:

    * Settings App

    * Safari

    * Block Cookies


    Do you have this setting set to the default of “Allow from Websites I Visit”?   If not, and it is set to “Always Block” then the login will not work for ItsPayd or any other website.  Basically a cookie is required to keep track of whether the user has successfully entered their access code (which we automatically pre-fill for them).

    Please configure cookie settings to the default of “Allow from Websites I Visit” and see if that works. If already set there and still having same problems, then most likely it’s an iOS problem.

  • What are the ItsPayd Special Features?

    ItsPayd offers various Special Features that a merchant can add to their subscription.

    These features include a Local Connectivity Number or Toll-Free Phone Number with a one time set up fee, then an additional cost per month. We also have custom Short Code Phone Numbers available for use.

    More information on ItsPayd’s Special Features can be found here:  ItsPayd Pricing page.

  • Are there limits to sending text messages (SMS) to mobile phones?

    Twilio, our SMS provider, does not have a limit on the number of messages we can send. We are, however, limited to sending 1 message per second. What that means is we can send 60 messages per minute. So if have 600 text messages to send, they would all go out in 10 minutes. Our SMS provider has designed the system to maintain compliancy so as not to violate their terms and conditions; a safety system designed to prevent abuse.

    More information on Twilio's messaging can be found here: Twilio's Messaging.

  • What are the laws regarding text messages to mobile phones?

    The FCC recently provided a declaratory ruling regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We recommend you visit The FCC and seek legal advice if unsure.

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