FAQs: More Actions

  • What More Actions mean on my customers Statement Details?

    In order to get the most accurate reporting from ItsPayd, we have a few ways to mark your statements, as shown below. **Please note that this does not apply to users who are connected via API or QuickBooks.


    On your customers Statement Details, click More Actions.


    This is the drop down that appears when you click More Actions. Described below is what each of the options means. 


    Enter Payment... is where you, as the merchant, go to mark any payments that were paid directly to you by your customer. If your customer pays in full, enter the total balance, marking that statement as resolved, and stopping any further commincations from being sent out to your customers. 

    If a partial payment is made, enter the amount paid, and the balance will be adjusted accordingly in the system. This will not stop the communications from being sent out.


    Adjust Balance... is where you go to make an adjustment to the total balance of your customers statement. Whether you made an error in the dollar amount your customer owes you, or they have a recurring fee that is added to their account, you can go in and add or subtract a dollar amount from their total balance. This will adjust their statements accordingly.

    If you have to adjust the balance of a customer on a current payment plan, you have to click More Actions, then click Stop Payment Plan, before you can follow the previous steps.


    Set as Closed or Unresolvable is what you will click after all communications have been sent out to your customers and you have decided that you know longer want to communcate with that customer via ItsPayd. e.g. you might mark an acocunt as closed or unresolvable if your customer is clearly reading your messages, but not paying. At this point, you might want to send your unresponsive customer to collections.


    Set as Cancelled is a feature you will click if the customer had sent you payment in the mail before your notifications were sent to them. Cancelled can be used if the customers account was loaded to ItsPayd as a mistake. 

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