FAQs: ItsPayd

  • What is ItsPayd?

    ItsPayd is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that is accessible from all devices. With ItsPayd, businesses can offer customizable payment plans, allowing their customers to pay back their debt straight from their mobile device. The goal of ItsPayd is to create a new way for customers to pay off their obligations, while maintaining a positive relationship.

  • Is ItsPayd collections?

    This is, probably, the most common assumption that the ItsPayd Team hears on a daily basis. No; ItsPayd is NOT collections.

    Since day one at ItsPayd, it's been Ken's vision to leverage mobile billing technology for reducing customer account write-offs, while improving customer experience. The company's overriding mission is to create a mobile billing and payments system that eliminates the need for collections. Ken has already steered ItsPayd through its first-year startup days into a respected, growing company. And since ItsPayd customers now spend far less time on collections, they can focus on the rest of their business.

    Read the full story here.

  • How can ItsPayd help my company?

    The platform is designed to improve business matters ten-fold. Our services will augment your current AR methods and create an ease of process for your existing credit managers.

    The ItsPayd process allows your company to gain;

    • Brand Loyalty - By creating “peace of mind” for your potentially past due customers and ensuring future business.
    • Predictable Cash Flow - Payment options may not be what you had in mind for your product/service; however, offering this method of payment will improve your ability to predict when you will receive your money even after you feel it has been lost.

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